"It takes a village to raise a child."


We are a co-op of homeschooling families who meet at the Boys & Girls Club in Murfreesboro, TN.

We strive to provide learning opportunities and support, but most importantly,

we offer community; a place to connect and build relationships with

other homeschooling families. 


In planning our co-op, the founding members decided that providing community was

of utmost importance. The old saying, "it takes a village to raise a child," came to mind.

Our name was chosen to be a constant reminder that building positive, supportive

relationships is what will make us a strong and valuable resource. 


We are an inclusive organization and meet once a week on Wednesdays for K-12 grade classes.

Our organizers are parent volunteers and our teachers are education professionals

or homeschooling parents talented in their subject.

We are excited to see if we are your village!

Meet The Team


Hey! I'm Jessica. When we had our two kids we did not know we would become homeschoolers. While our daughter was in preschool we realized that a traditional classroom would not be a good fit for her. At times people have said to me, "I couldn't teach my child by myself," and I say, "I don't!" It is so important to to have a support system. We are thankful for the amazing teachers we've met and the families we learn and play with; people like those who have come together to create Village Co-op. I don't want to homeschool without them! Village Co-op was created in a spirit of community and service. Come see if we can provide those for your family. We look forward to meeting you!


Hey there, I'm Heather, mama to three girls. We began our homeschooling journey when our oldest was starting kindergarten with the intention of taking it a year at a time. Nine years later, we are still loving it! I believe deeply in the importance of relationships and community and I am so grateful for the friends we have met along the way. My hope is for Village Co-op to provide a place of connection and encouragement along with wonderful learning opportunities to enrich your  journey. There are so many different reasons for homeschooling and it isn't always the easiest path. However, I have found that it is so worth it and even more fun when you find others on the same adventure!


Hi everyone. I'm Liberty; a homesteader, small business owner, and mother of two boys. I began homeschooling 4 years ago. Our journey started as a choice born out of limited options, but I soon realized what an amazing opportunity homeschooling was to give my children personalized 

education that builds on their unique strengths and addresses their individual challenges. I know for us, this journey would not have been possible without the help and inspiration we received from community along the way. I’m excited to be building a community based on compassion and friendship. Check us out, ask questions, and see if Village Co-op is the right fit for your family!


Hi. I'm Arleen. I'm a small business owner and a full-time homeschooling mom. My daughter started off in a science-based preschool program that provided her with so many wonderful outdoor experiences. Then after several years of being in public school, she started to develop issues with anxiety, so we decided to try homeschooling. It's has been a journey, to say the least. Along the way, we've realized there wasn't a lot of support or guidance for parents who were looking to transition from public school. It is my objective to help create a place that provides us with a strong community, people who who we could learn with and grow with in a safe and inclusive environment. 








Wednesdays Starting 8/2019

820 Jones Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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