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"I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."

          - Leonardo da Vinci

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Registration requires completion of the steps below:


Download our Handbook

Review our Philosophy

& Policies


Email us to begin registration!

We will set up a visit, a phone

call, or direct you to an

informational meeting.


Fill out Registration Forms & Payments

Once you decide to register,

you will be given a packet to complete & return with payments. 


Complete background

check(s). See the registration packet for instructions. 

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register? 

A: Our registration takes place in person or by mail. We designed our process to be as community focused as possible, like our co-op! We like to start with an in person or phone meeting to answer questions, and welcome your family from the very beginning. Request a Registration Meeting by messaging us through our Contact page


Q: How will I pay fees?

A: All fees and tuition are paid by check. The Family Fee is paid by one check to Village Co-op, materials fees are divided into two checks per class, one for Fall Semester and one for Spring Semester, and tuition is divided into 8 post-dated checks to be delivered to tutors at the beginning of each month. 


Q: That is A LOT of checks. Why did you decide to do registration this way?

A: It is, we know; we have to write them for our own classes too! We decided on this process for a couple reasons. First, it reduces costs by eliminating processing fees. Second, it gives families a clear record of what the've paid and to whom. Third, it allows our families to divide payments over the entire year, relieving the burden of having to pay tuition all at once or over a short time. 

Q: Why collect all the checks at registration? Why not fill them out monthly?

A: Collecting all the fees at registration ensures commitments from our families that they will be with us for the year which allows us to partner with great tutors. We distribute the checks month​ly to the tutors which also ensures the families' investment is protected if a class is canceled at any time. 


Q: How should I prepare for Registration?

A: Order checks if you need them! Download and read over the Registration Packet. Fill out your forms and have a list of desired classes ready. We do not recommend filling out checks ahead of time until your class placements are confirmed.

Q: When will I sign up for Parent Helper Hour?

A: Volunteer preferences are noted on your enrollment agreement. Positions will be communicated to members by or before Orientation.  

Q: How and by when do I complete my background check?

A: Background check instructions can be found in the Registration Packet. You should complete this process as soon as you commit to registration.


Q: Can I help with anything else?

A: Yes! Talk to us at the Registration Meeting about helping with Clubs and/or Events!