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Art Fun

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

              - John Dewey


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classes are subject to change and contingent on meeting minimum registration

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9:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Creativity Club

1:10 PM - 2:00 PM: PE, Details TBA

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K - 2ND

3RD - 5TH

6TH - 8TH

9TH - 12TH


Grade levels are recommendations. Member's understanding of their students abilities is considered.

2023-2024 Class Descriptions 

*All classes are new or building on previous materials with the exception of Super Science.



Pre K is geared toward 3-4 year olds. We will work on speaking and listening skills through a daily circle time using songs, calendar time, sharing, story time, and mindfulness and movement flows. We will work on community building through structured play activities and team building games such as learning play, fine motor and pre-writing skill building activities, and counting collections. Our themes will be both seasonal and geared toward a literary connection. Learning will be active and hands on for students to get a whole body approach to learning. I have a joy and passion for making learning fun, books come to life, and a dream of building that village that we all want for our children to thrive in!

Student supplies: glue stick, crayons, notebook.

Themed Play will include 3-7 year old friends! Each week, dramatic play centers for the students with themes such as Bakery, Veterinarian, Dentist, Camping, Grocery Store, Post Office, Flower Shop, Apiary, Space Station, and more will inspire them to use their imaginations! The children will have free rein to interact as they wish. Class will begin by introducing the set up and giving them some background information with a short story. Then, the story is theirs to create! I will then facilitate interactions, encouraging problem solving and discussion while students learn to navigate cooperative play. Students will learn to work in a community and celebrate our different ways of thinking and learn by doing so that we can all work together to enjoy a wonderful playtime!

Student supplies: none


Art Explorers will focus on empowering students to create their own art that is inspired by art history, contemporary artists, or art from other cultures. Some of the historical artists we will learn about will be Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Frida Khalo, Claes Olenburg, and Alma Thomas. A few contemporary artists we will be inspired by will include Nick Cave, James Goldcrown, Yayoi Kusama, and Chris Uphues. To learn about other cultures through art, we will practice Chinese brush painting, mask making, origami, Aborignial dot painting, and much more. Every student will be encouraged to add their own ideas to their work and build upon the skills developed throughout the year. These skills will include but not be limited to shading, proportion, painting, sculpting, creating texture, depth, and color mixing. The goal of every class is to ensure that the students had fun, learned something new, made something new, and feel positive about themselves and art.

Student supplies: none

3 Dimensional Art will focus student concepts on three-dimensional forms and ideas. Students will challenge themselves to take the basic elements and principles of design and then realize them in a new way, creating works from all sides of the form. Basic tools, construction techniques and materials are explored in this course, such as clay, paper, wire, fabric, cardboard and more. Classes will encompass multiple skills and activities and will be individualized according to the ability level of the class. Projects may include sculpture, building, jewelry making, fiber arts, mosaic and glass work, and more! 

Student supplies: none


Entrepreneurs, 6th - 8th: In Entrepreneurs, student will build a business from inception to launch and learn a vast array of lessons along the way! Entrepreneurial skills are life long skills; creativity, planning and organization, budgeting, problem solving, marketing, and resiliency. Students will learn a different way of looking at the world; to see others' wants and needs and how these may be met. Additionally, students will develop leadership, communication and presentation skills as the bring their product of service to the public! Before the winter break, students will participate in a pitch of their product with entrepreneurs. At the end of the year, the students will "sell" their product they have been working on all year. They will have a marketing plan in place for their product.

Course includes take-home assignments.

Student supplies: folder, pencil, notebook, clipboard.


Finance, 9th - 12th, 8th Option: Personal Finance is a foundational course designed to inform students how individual choices directly influence occupational goals, future earning potential, and long term financial well-being. The standards in this course cover decision-making skills related to goal setting, producing income, budgeting, saving, borrowing, managing risk, and entrepreneurship. The course helps students meet the growing complexities of personal financial management and consumer decision making. Students will work on projects that demonstrate their understanding of the material. For example, they will prepare a social media infographic showing the steps of financial planning. Those students who are interested with study for the financial literacy certification. By completing this course, students will better understand how their decisions will impact their future financial well-being.

Text Required: Personal Financial Literacy 1st Edition by Madura, Roberts, & Casey: ISBN-139780321547750, ISBN-100321547756. (Workbook Optional)

Course includes take-home assignments

Student supplies: folder, pencil, notebook, clipboard.



Creative Writing Grades 6th - 8th: In this course, your child’s imagination will come to life on paper. Students will be exposed to a variety of genres through reading and discussion, including short stories, novel excerpts, poems, plays, and essays. They will then practice learned techniques in their own writing projects, as well as in collaborative writing projects done with the whole group. Some fundamentals to be covered in this course will be character building, plot, theme, action, dialogue, rhythm, symbolism, and resolution, amongst others.
Course includes take-home assignments

Student supplies: 3-ring binder, pencils, erasers, wide-ruled notebook paper
Course Prerequisite:
Students must have a fairly solid understanding of basic grammatical components, such as sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. They do not need to be advanced in these areas, as these skills will be organically covered in the day-to-day instruction, but exhaustive time will not be spent on teaching the basics.

English Language Arts 1st - 3rd: The 1st – 3rd grade ELA course is aimed to extend students' core language arts and reading abilities by exposing them to a range of texts and writing styles and frameworks. The course aims to improve students' knowledge of basic English rules in writing and speaking, such as grammar and use, basic sentence structure, parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. It also supports students in broadening their vocabulary and strengthening their listening abilities.

Course includes take-home assignments.

Student supplies: folder, notebook, pencils/pens.

English Language Arts 3rd - 5th: The 3rd through 5th grade ELA course focuses on approaches for analyzing literature and comprehending informational materials in order to improve reading enjoyment and comprehension, as well as writing abilities.  As students model writing approaches in both literary and nonfiction applications, Ms. Hemrick will emphasize the rules of standard English in grammar and style.

Course includes take-home assignments.

Student supplies: folder, notebook, pencils/pens.

Literature, 9th-12th, 8th Option: In this class, students will be immersed into the world of literature, through reading, discussion, and analysis of a variety of works, including novels, short stories, poetry, plays, and essays. Students will have the opportunity to curate their own class booklist through a “book tasting” on the first day of class, where students will learn about and “sample” different books and vote on their favorites to read throughout the year. Literature elements to be covered include theme, characterization, tone, symbolism, motifs, irony, and mood, amongst others. Assessment will come in the form of written literary analysis and discourse.

Course includes take-home assignments.
Student supplies: 3-ring binder, pencils, erasers, college-ruled notebook paper, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, *other booklist choices (TBD)*


Intro to Public Speaking will introduce the practical skill of public speaking, including techniques to lessen anxiety, and the use of visual aids, and the importance of research and development to create a great speech. Civility and ethical speech-making are the foundations of this course. Its goal is to prepare students for success in typical public speaking situations and to provide them with the basic principles of organization and research needed for effective speech writing. We will explore topics including: Introductions, Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Demonstration Speeches, Call to Action Speeches, Extemporaneous Speaking, Research techniques and source validity, Group discussion, intro to Debate if time permits.

Course includes take-home assignments.

Student supplies: folder, notebook, pencils/pens.

Advanced Public Speaking will build on the skills introduced in Intro to Public Speaking and develop student competence in designing, delivering, and assessing the effectiveness of their own and others' public communication. The course emphasizes rhetorical thinking and speaking, and audience analysis. Students will further their understanding of emotional appeal, logic, reasoning, organization,  and research. Students will have the opportunity to practice their skills in a variety of speech contexts.

Course includes take-home assignments.

Student supplies: folder, notebook, pencils/pens.

Course Prerequisite: Intro to Public Speaking, Theatre, related experience, or the ability to work to level.

Phonics Pre K - 1st: Students will gain the knowledge to identify the letters of the alphabet. Students will study the different letter blends, phonemes, dipthongs, and morphemes. To teach the students the most effectively, TPR (Total Physical Response) will be used. We will sing, dance, and complete projects. Assessments will consist of class participation, homework, and projects.

Student supplies: folder, notebook, pencils/pens.


Math Tutoring allows students to receive help and additional attention to  help with math concepts and their at home curriculum. Student bring their own textbooks, workbooks or problems from either that they would like to work on. Time will be given to each student in a small group setting and the group can also work together on shared concepts. Any text or curriculum used at home can be expanded on in tutoring sessions.

Student supplies: Text, workbook, math work from home, folder, pencil.




Piano or Voice Private Lessons, All Ages: Lessons for voice or key board. Students will learn elements of music theory, musical expression, proper technique and most importantly have fun while playing music. Lessons are 30 minutes weekly. Individual or small group lessons available (2-5 students, great for siblings, discount applied to groups). Student must provide instrument.

At-home practice will be assigned.

Student supplies: folder, pencil.


Environmental Science, 9th-12th, 8th Option:  Environmental science is a course dedicated to understanding the interactions between earth’s natural systems and the demands placed on them by the human population. This course examines the scientific principles behind natural phenomena and resource cycles, explores how we utilize these systems and our impact, and potential solutions for the resulting consequences of resource mismanagement and exploitation. The course includes elements of life science, physical science, and social science and focuses on breadth and interrelatedness of relevant current events.

This course will incorporate in-person and virtual instruction, as well as two field studies all on Wednesdays Course includes take-home assignments

Student supplies: folder, notebook, pencils/pens


FALL: 10/4/2023 Field Study, 10/18/2023 (RCS Fall Break)

SPRING: 3/27/2024 Field Study (RCS Spring Break)

INTEGRATED SCIENCE, 6th - 8th (5th option): This class is a fun, interactive, lab-based class. Each week students will have a lab to complete and a take-home portion for deeper understanding. We will learn about forces, Earth's resources and composition, ecosystems, variations of human traits, and so much more! Our format will be investigation centered with discussion to encourage critical thinking. Students will have a workbook created specifically for our course for at home exploration. Science is fun and we will have fun learning!

Course includes take-home assignments.

Student supplies: folder, notebook, pencils/pens, scissors, colored pencils. 


Mystery Science is a fun, interactive, hands-on class that will teach students how to think like scientists! Each week we will solve a mystery with science like; could you out run a dinosaur? What makes roller coasters go so fast? Could you find a whale in the desert? Where do clouds come from? Our exploration driven class will helps kids to better understand and communicate about the the world around them! Recommended after Super Science.

Student supplies: folder, pencil, colored pencils or crayons

SUPER SCIENCE, K-4th:  Mr Rich the Science Guy and the owner of Super Science Tennessee will keep students both entertained and focused on learning science while having fun. Full of hands-on activities, STEM will explore simple machines, flight, matter and mixtures, Newtons Laws, engineering, building and forces, electricity and more. This is a great class to start your elementary student thinking "scientifically' and loving science!

Student supplies: folder, pencil, colored pencils or crayons


US Government & Civics, 9th-12th, 8th Option: One of the most important topics for young adults, students will examine the inner workings of the United Stated Government. We will look at guiding documents, the branches of government and how they work together, rights, voting, the court system and more. Students will create their own text book using sources from class and their own research. This class will encourage students to dig deeper into important topics that shape their own lives.

Course includes take-home assignments

Student supplies: folder, composition notebook, pencils/pens

Cultural Geography 3rd-5th: In this course, your child will learn about recent and present-day world cultures and how they relate to their surrounding environment. Students will be exposed to the arts, religion, language, political structure, production, and cultivation in regions around the world. During this course, students will also have a year long project with the option to:


  • Research their own cultural history

  • Choose a culture they would like to learn more about

  • Explore all cultures to discover which they might identify with most


Course includes take-home assignments

Student supplies: 1/2" 3-ring binder (or dedicated section in a larger binder), pencil and eraser
Course Prerequisite: Students should have basic knowledge of geography including continents, countries, and major bodies of water


Spanish: Mundito Spanish is a unique language and culture learning program that brings interactive lessons to students of all ages. Casey and her team take their approach from firsthand experiences teaching all over the world. Using what they have learned from these experiences, Mundito has created a curriculum that inspires students to love learning not just about language, but about cultures as well. 

Student supplies: folder, pencil, crayons or colored pencils, glue, scissors, notebook for 3rd - 12th



Theatre Arts 3rd - 5th: The Theatre class for 3rd-5th graders will include basic technical theatre aspects such as costume design, set design, make-up design, lighting design. The class will also incorporate play writing, basic stage combat, basic stage choreography, breathing techniques and acting skills. The students will perform an original work at the end of the school year.

Student supplies: folder, pencil, notebook


Theatre Arts 6th -12th: Theatre class for 6th – 12th will include intermediate to advance technical theatre aspects such as costume design, set design, make-up design, lighting design. The class will also incorporate play writing, intermediate stage combat, intermediate stage choreography, breathing techniques and acting skills. The students will perform an original work written by the students themselves at the end of the school year.

Student supplies: folder, pencil, notebook.




Join us for a fun activity every week! 

We will have different stations set up for kids to explore at their own pace.

In between morning classes, they can choose self-led play or guided crafts. 

We will have Legos, books, games, and an arts and crafts table to help them choose their own adventure.
Included with membership!


Join us for rotating schedule of Fitness & Games.

Included with membership!

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